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Urban Grain Bakery was established in 2016 citing a need for real bread and have become a staple within the community. Everything is made by hand with the best possible ingredients that we can find.

The bakery uses a mixture of Organic and Sustainable Flour from Wholegrain Milling located in Gunnedah.  The sustainable flour is made using grains that are certified sustainable. They are grown by farmers that focus on soil health using techniques that support soil improvement and that also promote the long-term sustainability of the environment. The breads are made from stoneground flour. This means that the flour was milled using traditional techniques that help retain the germ and bran, thereby holding higher nutritional benefits so it’s nutrient rich in folic acid, magnesium, iron, zinc, B vitamins and antioxidants.


The flour we use is from Wholegrain Milling in Gunnedah. The Neale family have been milling for over forty years. They only use grains that are planted by farmers who care about the long-term health of the environment. They supply us with a blend of Organic as well as Sustainable Flours to create the best sourdoughs and pastries.

Our fruit and vegetables come from Kenny Littles, a vegetable shop who have been in the game for over forty years. They supply us with only the best and where possible as local as they can.

Milk and cream comes from Norco, an Australian dairy farmer owned co-op.  

We only use 9Bar Coffee, a premium coffee brand.  We use their bar blend consisting of six unique origins creating a rich smooth flavour.

We use local butcher Munster St Butcher for the beautiful ham in our ham and cheese croissants.

We use Olssons Salt, they are the oldest family owned and operated salt company in Australia.

Eggs are supplied by Totally Free Range locally from Kew where the hens are free to roam however they please.

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